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About Our Pet Health Products

We work very hard to ensure a wide selection of pet health products that are necessary to ensure the health of your pets. Oral hygiene, flea and tick control, healthy skin and coat, and pain-free joints are just four of the many important factors in keeping your pets happy.

We have a lot of supplements in all different styles. Animal Essentials offers a large variety of probiotics, immune tinctures, and an assortment of condition-specific supplements. Our newest addition for natural flea control is the Body Guard brewers yeast and garlic supplement.

“Body Guard is a whole food supplement for dogs and cats. It contains bio-available nutrition that is meant to close the gap between commercially manufactured pet food and what our pets would get from a species-appropriate diet found in the wild. While our goal with this product was to improve skin and coat condition as well as boosting the immune system, we discovered an amazing collateral benefit: BodyGuard is a safe and effective flea repellent.”

Speaking of fleas, we carry the AdvantageII, Advantix, and Seresto Collars. We stock the two and four packs only in the spot-on treatments. We are happy to order the larger quantity packs at our customers' request. Along with these treatments, we also have a number of natural flea and tick shampoos, and weekly administered oils from Mad About Organics.

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For treating the home, we have diatomaceous earth from Lumino. Our Skin and Coat supplements consist of a number of brands that have different sources of oils.

These include; salmon, pollock, sardine, hempseed, anise, wheat germ, and various other vegetable oils. We have many dental supplements and chews to promote healthy oral hygiene for your dog and cat. Mad About Organics plaque remover and herbal gel are the most recent addition to our pet health care line.

Plaque remover is a daily supplement derived from varied sources of seaweed that does an excellent job of preventing the build-up of tarter. We carry an assortment of products that will promote a high quality of care in these and many other categories involving your pet's health.

Come by and check out our pet health products selection for yourself, or give us a call anytime: (503) 641-9443

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About Our Pet Dental Products

We stock a wide variety of pet dental bones and supplements.
These days a dental cleaning for dogs and cats typically costs between $300 and $500. Routine brushing and providing dental chews can cut back on how often cleaning is necessary.

Our pet dental chew section consists of Ark Naturals in regular or senior formulas, Whimzees in a bunch of fun shapes, C.E.T enzymatic rawhide, Natural Balance Chews, and Greenies. Whimzees dental chews are our newest edition.

They bring a little more entertainment to oral health with alligator and hedgehog shaped dental chews. We also carry the Mad About Organics line of dental supplements, gels, and water additives.

The Dental Plaque remover is a kelp based powder that activates natural enzymes in the saliva to prevent plaque and calculus from forming. Herbal Gel is a non-brushing treatment, and it works by way of a natural process through the dog or cat saliva to help kill bacteria and break down plaque. They also have the water additive as a breath freshener and maintenance.

Wysong Denta-treat is an additional enzyme type supplement that we carry. It works similarly to the Mad About Organics, but it utilizes a cheese enzyme rather than kelp.

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We are happy to special order any chews or supplements that you request. As far as toothpaste is concerned, we carry the Petrodex brand. We have carried multiple brands in the past, but Petrodex has proven to be the most effective.

We are more than happy to order for you anything, not in our regular line up. Feel free to call on us for all your pet dental needs!

Pet Dental Items In Stock

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Our Flea and Tick Prevention Products

Our Flea and Tick prevention products consist of shampoos, spot-on treatments, flea and tick collars, powders, flea bombs, and our personal favorite, healthy natural supplements.

We have competitive pricing on the Advantage and Advantix treatments in comparison to most veterinary clinics. From Natur-vet, we carry a natural shampoo, and a natural lemongrass, rosemary, and cedar oil spray repellent.

Bio-Groom makes a flea and tick shampoo that is a permethrin based insecticide shampoo that we usually only recommend in extreme flea cases. Dur-vet makes a less abrasive insecticide shampoo and is also the maker of one of our deworming medications called Dur-vet triple dewormer, which kills roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. Our other deworming product is made by Sentry, and it kills all three kinds of parasites as well.

Mad About Organics has a great selection of natural flea & tick shampoos along with oil-based prevention that is applied weekly. We have natural flea and tick repellent sprays made by Natural Chemistry.

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These consist of cinnamon, cedar, and clove oil. Our flea bombs are made by Zodiac and Dur-vet. The Dur-vet variety is what we usually recommend because it contains an Insect Growth Regulator, better known as an IGR. This enables it to not only kill the live adult fleas but stop the growth of all life stages of the flea.

We have had extremely good feedback on the efficacy of the Dur-vet products. We feel confident in the brands that we carry, and can recommend the product or products that best fit your needs. Before all of these methods, we recommend trying the BodyGuard brewers yeast and garlic flea and tick supplement.

It's an all-natural food additive that essentially improves your dog's health and deters fleas from ever coming into contact with your pet. You see, fleas are attracted to unhealthy blood, if you don’t give them what they’re looking for, they’ll just look somewhere else. Let us help you with all your flea and tick prevention needs!

Flea & Tick Products In Stock:

Natural Flea & Tick Prevention and Treatment:

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About Our Pet shampoo Selection

A large selection of various styles and brands results in a very effective pet shampoo section.

We carry many natural pet shampoos by Buddy Wash, Earthbath, and Naturvet. In the Earthbath line we stock the Hypo-allergenic, Mango Tango, Oatmeal and Aloe, Orange Peel (a natural flea repellant), Puppy, and Tea Tree and Aloe formulas. Along with the shampoos from Earthbath we also stock the Tea Tree and Hypo-allergenic grooming wipes along with some of their coat conditioners. We also carry the tried and true Bio-Groom. With the full line from Durvet, we have a much more cost effective way for you to bathe your pet with a product you can be comfortable with.

Dur-vet has a Puppy, 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Oatmeal Shampoo with a separate Conditioner, and a Tar and Sulfur Shampoo. Mad About Organics is a new line of shampoo for us that has an amazing sensitive formula.

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“The first line of defense against infectious microbes is the skin. ZYMOX® Shampoo provides an effective way to protect this natural barrier without being irritating or drying. Only the mildest plant surfactants are used, and the enzymes have anti-inflammatory properties to calm the skin. The LP3 Enzyme System, with the addition of Vitamin D3, helps relieve surface irritations and hydrate the skin. The shampoo contains no harsh detergents, chemicals, or petroleum bi-products and features a pleasant, mild fragrance.”

Zymox is our most effective line of shampoo for dogs with itchy or infected skin due to its enzymatic properties. We also carry the Naturvet Septider-V if you need a better price point.

Natur-vet also makes a natural flea and tick shampoo that acts as a repellent, not a treatment. Flea and tick shampoos are also in our line up from Bio-Groom and Dur-vet. Buddy Wash is a pet shampoo and conditioner combination that we stock in the Lavender and Mint, Rosemary and mint, and Green Tea and Bergamot. Most of our other brands sell the conditioners separately.

We stock a minimal supply of the Tomlyn Fresh and Clean products, we have great reviews from customers, but a smaller demand. We will gladly order any brand or varieties that we don’t regularly keep in stock. Just stop in and ask our friendly staff.

Pet Shampoo In Stock:

About Our Pet Supplements

Pet Supplements, where to begin? There is a huge variety available from a single focus to more all-around vitamin supplements. Some of the categories of the single focus are skin and coat, hip and joint, tear stain, dental, pro-biotic, calming aids, grass savers, hairball, and coprophagia.

Let's begin with the single focus supplements
Immune system- This is probably the most important supplementation area. Dogs and cats often have weakened immune systems that can be caused by many variables. A weakened immune system is often associated with “allergies”. Most allergies are actually intolerance’s that are magnified by poor diet and lack of immunity.

The majority of a pet's immune system lies in the intestinal tract. Intestinal tracts are loaded with beneficial bacteria that help to digest foods properly, increasing the absorption of nutrients to the body. Because of this process, the naturally occurring antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in our foods are better retained, thus, increased immune health.

A healthy immune system supports better digestion, skin and coat health, oral health, and internal organ function. We carry many brands of Pro and Pre-biotics, Immune boosting tinctures, and pollen-based supplements that increase the function of the immune system.

Skin and Coat- A healthy immune system isn’t necessarily the be all end all in supplements. Often, a dog can have a healthy immune system, but the diet is still lacking the needed levels of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for that particular dog and cat.

The best choice of supplement for this is a pollock, sardine, or salmon oil supplement. We prefer pollock because it, like sardine oil, has a 13:1 3 to 6 ratio, but is a lot more affordable. Salmon oil works also, but has a lower 3 to 6 ratio and doesn’t function quite as well.

Skin and Coat- A healthy immune system isn’t necessarily the be all end all in supplements. Often, a dog can have a healthy immune system, but the diet is still lacking the needed levels of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for that particular dog and cat.

The best choice of supplement for this is a pollock, sardine, or salmon oil supplement. We prefer pollock because it, like sardine oil, has a 13:1 3 to 6 ratio, but is a lot more affordable. Salmon oil works also, but has a lower 3 to 6 ratio and doesn’t function quite as well.

Hip and Joint- There are a few ways to go about hip and joint issues, and we carry them all. We stock the traditional glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, along with those ingredients combined with hyaluronic acid (a joint lubricant), and MSM (an anti-inflammatory).

Also, a supplement that uses Cetyl Myristoleate, a powerful omega 5 fatty acid that has excellent anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Last but not least, we have various supplements in stock that utilize naturopathic pain relief; they have a blend of herbs that are akin to aspirin in terms of pain relief.

Digestion- In addition to the pre and pro-biotics that we mention in the immune health section, we also have supplements that will help to firm up the stool and promote anal gland health.

These products are, for the most part, a pumpkin or sweet potato base in which some are combined with probiotics.

There are many more important categories of supplements in the industry, but we feel like these four categories form the building blocks for an extremely healthy companion animal. If you have any questions about these or any other supplement category, then stop by so our knowledgeable staff can assist you.

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